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Hyderabad: Every year, Hyderabad roads are decked with colourful Ganeshas, of various shapes and sizes. While the idols made of Plaster of Paris (PoP) are much more attractive, there are many who are choosing to take the sustainable path and buying eco-friendly Ganeshas instead. Made of clay, seeds or even wood, these idols are chemical-free and are sustainable.

Residents of Jains Carlton Creek, Gachibowli, have been celebrating the festival with clay Ganesha for many years now. Supriya Singh, management committee member, JCCFOA, says, “We realised that PoP idols are non-biodegradable and contaminate water. Hence, we went for clay idols. They may be smaller or less colourful, but at least we are doing our bit towards nature.”

Being environmentally conscious is not the only reason why people are choosing eco-friendly Ganeshas. “Last year during Vinayaka Chaturthi, the biggest question was how we will do the immersion,” says Karthik Kondapavuluri, an IT professional from the city.

“Generally every year, we would go to the Tank Bund for immersion rituals but due to pandemic we had to be extra careful. So, we got the clay Ganesha home, for which we could do the immersion at home itself. We have decided to continue with it,” he adds.

Not just individuals, societies also have moved towards a more environment-friendly celebration. Members of Arya Samaj Colony in Secunderabad who have been bringing idols made of PoP for years, has switched to clay idols.

“We opted for a very small clay Ganesha last year as we wanted to keep the celebrations low-key due to Covid protocols. Another reason was to ensure we do not damage the environment in any way. This year too, we are going for a clay idol ensuring that we do not use plastic even for the pandal decoration,” says Badangapeta Deendayal, a member of the organising committee.

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