KCR slammed BJP government for its anti-farmer and anti-poor policies.

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Hyderabad: The war of words between the ruling parties at the Centre and the State further intensified on Monday when the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao launched a no-holds-barred verbal assault on what he termed as best examples of double speak from the ruling BJP and likened it to a party ‘that kills farmers’. On the other side, the BJP fielded the Union Tourism minister G Kishan Reddy who surprisingly made contradictory statements about paddy procurement by Centre happening as usual 

At a post-cabinet meeting press conference, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao went ballistic. It was nothing short of declaring an all out war against the Centre for its refusal to declare annual paddy procurement targets and also purchase parboiled rice during Yasangi (Rabi) season. Rao, who was in an expansive mood, spoke at length to expose what he termed as “doublespeak” by the Centre as well as the State BJP leaders on paddy procurement. He challenged the Union Minister Kishan Reddy for an open debate on the issue. “Kishan Reddy should either get an assurance from the Central government to purchase entire paddy yield from the State or apologise to farmers”, Rao thundered.

Accusing the BJP government of making contradictory claims leading to confusion among farmers, the Chief Minister slammed the Union government for its anti-farmer and anti-poor policies. He said the Union government was trying to blame the States for its failures to cover up its inefficiencies. “Rather than owning up the responsibility of food grains procurement, food storage, security and public distribution system, the Centre is running away from its social responsibility and refusing to purchase rice from Telangana,” he said.

The Chief Minister demanded that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi was farmer-friendly as claimed by Kishan Reddy, why the Centre was not procuring the rice stocks available in Telangana. The BJP leaders keep claiming that the Centre will procure entire paddy, but even fails to clarify on the quantity of raw rice that it would be purchase even during Kharif season .

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