KTR bashes Centre for its attempt to corporatize electricity.

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TRS working president and minister KT Rama Rao accused the Centre of attempting to corporatize the power and agricultural sectors. He claimed that this would ultimately result in the lifting of all concessions and subsidies in both sectors, and farmers might have to work as labourers on their farms. "The BJP-led federal government is preparing to privatise the agriculture and electricity sectors, according to the state's chief minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao. By eliminating all subsidies and granting licences to electricity distribution companies across the board, the Centre is carrying out its strategy "At a news conference in Sircilla, KTR remarked.
Additionally, he forewarned the public that the government, which had already sold off public-sector undertakings, was planning to commit the acquisition of paddy to private companies beginning with the following agricultural season. PM Modi only wants to do this to support his business associates, according to KTR. The minister claimed that the TRS administration had stated outright that Telangana would fight the new electricity legislation tooth and nail.
"Through the publication of a gazette notification without prior approval from the Parliament, the Modi administration is attempting to sneak the Bill into law. Telangana will suffer the most if the bill is put into effect since new electric and prepayment metres will need to be built, and farmers and other businesses like hair salons will no longer receive electricity subsidies. The power tariff, like the price of petrol and diesel, is another issue "the working president of TRS remarked
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had brought three new farm laws and withdrew after facing the ire of the farmers, did not learn lessons, the minister said. "Though the Telangana government would lose Rs 25,000 crore loans if the electricity reforms are not implemented. But KCR wants to stand for farmers and people like to fight against new farm laws," the minister said.
On the paddy procurement, KTR said the state is heading for bumper crops this year too. The Centre which had denied Telangana Paddy procurement claiming that the Country had surplus stocks of Paddy, now denied permission for rice imports. The minister claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had introduced three new farm legislation before withdrawing in the face of farmer protests, had not learned his lesson. "However, if the electrical reforms are not carried out, the Telangana government would forfeit loans totalling Rs 25,000 crore. However, KCR wants to support farmers, and opponents of new farm legislation enjoy a good fight "added the minister. Regarding the purchase of paddy, KTR stated that the state is expected to have another bumper crop. The Centre that had refused Telangana's request to purchase paddy on the grounds that it already had an abundance of the crop has now refused to allow imports of rice.

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