Noise pollution at various areas in Hyderabad have dropped in last few months .

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Hyderabad: Noise pollution is a growing concern among metropolitans across the globe. It is an invisible danger that impacts millions of people on a daily basis. While several global cities face tough time dealing with the issue, the decibel levels, the units in which noise pollution is measured, at various areas in Hyderabad have dropped in the last few months.

As per the monthly noise pollution report by Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB), the noise levels of several areas in the city have decreased since the start of 2021.

To measure noise pollution, the regulatory authorities have essentially divided the city into various zones including residential (Jubilee Hills and Tarnaka), commercial (Abids and JNTU), industrial (Sanathnagar, Jeedimetla and Gaddapotharam), and sensitive (Nehru Zoological Park and Gachibowli). The acceptable daytime and night time decibel levels of an area depends on the kind of zone it is.

In January, the day time noise level near the Nehru Zoological Park was 64.22 dB; whereas the acceptable range is upto 50 dB. However, by the end of October, the noise level in the same area was 60.59 dB. The lowest day time noise level, as compared to the acceptable decibels, in October was recorded at Jeedimetla (68.88 dB); whereas Sanathnagar (64.34 dB) had the lowest night time decibel levels.

Hyderabad’s residential areas, however, seem to be a little more affected by noise pollution when compared to other areas. The daytime noise levels at Jubilee Hills during October were 58.77 dB while night time noise level in the area was 56.32 dB. Similarly, the noise pollution reaches 60.78 dB during the day and 55.85 dB at night in Tarnaka while the acceptable noise levels of both the areas during day is 55 dB and at night it is 45 dB.

Giving insight about how loud noises can impact an individual’s daily life, Dr Ashok Kumar Singh, ENT Surgeon, Continental Hospitals, says, “Continuous exposure to loud noise makes us irritable and more susceptible to anger. That is one of the reasons why we see so many cases of road rage. When the decibel units are loud near a residential area, especially during the night, it might affect the sleep of people living there. Many people do not think that this is an issue, but the truth is bad sleep cycles can affect our entire day, and by extension our lifestyle. It might also reduce our efficiency at work.”

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