OMICRON Surge Telangana govt prohibiting rallies and public meetings till Jan 2, 2022 .

staff Reporter

Hyderabad: To control the spread of Covid in view of the emergence of the Omicron variant, the Telangana government has issued orders prohibiting rallies and public meetings apart from imposing certain restrictions on the congregation of people.

Citing the recent orders of High Court on taking an appropriate decision in respect of public gatherings in view of Omicron, the government order issued here on Saturday said that events involving congregation of people would be permitted subject to restrictions — ensuring physical distancing within the venue, not allowing persons without a mask, and arranging thermometers/thermal scanners at the entry point to scan persons entering the venue.

Also, the orders prohibit rallies and public meetings throughout the state till January 2, 2022 The earlier order for imposition of a fine for not wearing of mask in public spaces would be strictly enforced, the order said. All the district collectors and police commissioners/superintendents were instructed to ensure the directions strictly.

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