TELANGANA planted 237.42 crore saplings in Haritha Haram programme .

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Hyderabad: Surpassing the target of planting 230 crore saplings, more than 237.42 crore saplings were planted across the State under Telangana ku Haritha Haram programme since its launch in 2015. The State government has spent around Rs 6,556 crore for the programme which was recognised by the United Nations as the third largest effort for afforestation in the world.

Emphasising the need to fight global warming and climatic changes across the world, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said Haritha Haram was meant to provide a liveable environment for the future generations. He said the State government took up a multi-pronged strategy for improving greenary in the State. Though the State has 66.25 lakh acres of forest lands as per the records, lot of these forests have vanished at the field level. Hence, the State government took up forest rejuvenation programme through plantation of saplings and also rejuvenate root stocks of felled trees using modern techniques.

Forest rejuvenation

Accordingly, the Forests Department has planted 20.64 crore saplings against target of 20 crore saplings and took up rejuvenation of about 80 crore felled trees where 42.42 crore trees have already started growing well. Extensive plantation has been taken up on all non-disputed forest areas, to rejuvenate the forests. “Outside the forest areas, we took up plantation of 130 crore saplings and planted more than 176.82 crore. In Hyderabad, we planted over 14.4 crore saplings against target of 10 crore saplings. Under social forestry and avenue plantation, we have set plantation of 120 crore saplings as target and planted 162.77 crore saplings beyond our targets,” he added. However, he stated that social forestry was not equal to 10-15 acres of dense forest as the latter would have an ecosystem, biodiversity and other benefits

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