The Stream

We Intend to Represent The Centrist Political Thought of This Country With a Marked Focus on Southern Part of India and In Particular Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


The Stream, is a new Website on the bloc.  The Stream is being initiated by a group of enthusiasts, who feel that there are not enough of online websites to cater to the Centrist Population of this Country in respect of representing and reflecting political thought. 

Either it is too left or too right. The Stream feels that, majority of the population in this country do not go either extreme right or extreme left in their political ideologies. The changed circumstances in this country have squeeezed the space for the centrist ideology. 

The Stream is an effort to bring out the nuances of Centrist ideology.  We might go left at times. We may also go right at times. Infact much of the population of this Country osccilate between the two extremes. But majority never stand there permanently in any of the extremes. As and when that phase is over, the majority of the population in this country comes back. It is this very concept that The Stream  wanted to bring out.

The second most important thing that The Stream feels is that there is a need to represent the Southern part of the Country to the North. For various known reasons the politics and political discourses of South are not getting enough of importance witht eh people of the Northern origin. One reason is the lack of sufficient information regarding the issues of South. This Website in particular takes up the issues of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana more prominently to represent tot he national horizon. The other Southern States will be covered copiously.